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Santa Monica Sidewalk Condition Assessment

Municipal Asset Management and Inspection for City of Santa Monica

In order to enhance and update the City’s asset management program, Psomas completed the annual sidewalk inspection for their central district, schools, and parks, including both residential and high traffic areas. The walking inspection measured and recorded sidewalk displacements using a three-level category based on height and located instances of low dirt in tree wells, old sidewalk repairs, driveways, curbs, and medians from grass line to gutter. The inspection was collected on a tablet using the Esri ArcGIS platform where information was entered into the GIS which made it directly available in the City’s asset management system.

Psomas also conducted an outreach to Santa Monica City College to find local resources who knew the City. Once the resources were found, Psomas supported the City to train staff, conduct safety meetings, troubleshoot, and verify quality. Daily progress was tracked using a GIS mapping site where data was posted. The project was completed in two months with one crew of two inspectors working part-time.


  • Field data collection
  • Municipal right-of-way
  • Esri ArcGIS platform
  • Post processing
  • GIS reporting


City of Santa Monica


Santa Monica, CA

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