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Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility | Petaluma, CA

City of Petaluma


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More Than a Treatment Plant – A Comprehensive Solution

The City’s original treatment plant had inefficient treatment processes and limited capacity. As a result, the quality of the treated water was below standards for discharging into the Petaluma River during the summer months.

The new facility increased capacity and produces Title 22 recycled water that is used for irrigating vineyards, parks, schools, and utility water at the plant. In addition, local ranchers now pay the City for recycled water, so potable water is saved for other uses.

The facility processes 6.7 million gallons per day (MGD) through secondary treatment and up to 5.2 MGD through tertiary treatment. The project constructed over 40 structures, nine pump stations, 17 miles of underground pipe, eight miles of electrical duct banks and over 60 acres of polishing wetlands, treatment wetlands and a trail system for the community. As the construction manager, we provided services during the preconstruction phase and during construction to proactively manage the project to comply with significant environmental permit requirements and constraints associated with the project.