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NPDES GIS-based Solution Suite

GIS-based solution for Clean Water Program for Alameda County

Psomas implemented a GIS initiative to develop and deploy a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System GIS-based solution suite addressing multiple permit requirements for new development, trash mitigation, and other pollutant controls. Psomas provided a comprehensive ArcGIS online environment including mobile map access and inspection tools, desktop web mapping, and reporting capabilities. The Psomas team stablished web-based tools for managing 10 data sets with individual agency secure access only to their geographic area. Design of web maps supported the collection of inventory, inspections, and events using the field-based data Collection.


  • Hosting of ArcGIS Server with data and reporting tools on Amazon cloud
  • Custom user and administrator training in the continued setup, maintenance, and operation of the pilot system
  • Standard GIS data models, data collection, cleanup, and normalization


Alameda County


Alameda County, CA

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