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Featured Employee:
Kevin Vu

Survey Technician
Southern CA Survey
Santa Ana, CA

I was inspired to get my degree in civil engineering from Cal State Long Beach by my aunt who was a civil engineer. I was always good at math and science and this looked like a promising profession.

I joined Psomas right out of college because it’s a top-ranked company in survey and really well known in the industry.

I’ve been here one year now and my job is never dull. I work on commercial projects and freeways all over California. My job responsibilities cover a wide range, from drafting in CAD software, to writing legal descriptions, to establishing boundaries and developing field packages.  There is always something new and challenging. I like taking what exists in the real world and bringing it into the computer world.

I enjoy all the people I work with here. My co-workers are all really nice and supportive.  We just had a BBQ in the park and of course there is always Taco Tuesdays after work.

Outside of work I love to play basketball and tennis. I’m also into shooting: archery and pool!

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Featured Employee:
Kelsey Littell

Assistant Resident Engineer
Construction Management
Roseville, CA

I grew up in Antioch, California with a father who was a civil engineer in construction management. When I was home sick from school he used to take me into the office with him, and when he’d bring home the big presentation posters, my sister and I would make forts out of them. I grew to love the profession.

I earned a degree in civil engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and joined Psomas right after graduation two years ago. I wanted to join the firm for two main reasons: my dad spoke highly of Psomas’ leadership team and I would get the opportunity to work on a huge project, the $40 million Balfour Interchange, something that doesn’t come along too often.

My job is taking designs into the real world and finding solutions on the fly to make everything fit. It’s thinking on your feet and dealing with people and the challenges of problem solving.

It’s great that I’m not in a cubicle all day and I get the opportunity to be outside. In fact, in my spare time I’m outside taking my two scruffy mutts, Atticus and Scarlett, on adventures. I love to find new hiking trails for them; they’re tiny, but mighty!

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