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Rob Jacobson

Rob Jacobson
Auburn Office

I wound up in the survey profession 24 years ago when my buddy’s dad who was a surveyor said they needed someone extra in the field. The rest is history.

Currently I’m working on a number of large solar projects—the one I’m working on right now is in Fresno and is seven square miles. I am also working on the remapping of Squaw Valley, including lot line adjustments, record of survey and large lot maps.

I like all the parts of my job, from doing topographic surveys and plats and legals to boundary resolutions. I’m also the CAD guy for my office, so I have to stay up on all the new software and standards. I enjoy my work, it’s all challenging, with different issues and problems to resolve.

In my spare time I love to build cars with my family. Currently in our garage is a 57 Ford Fairlane 500, a 53 Chevy 150 (current project), a 71 Capri and 1945 Teardrop trailer. I also brew my own beer and grow my own hops!

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