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Kevin Vu

Kevin Vu
Santa Ana Office

I was inspired to get my degree in civil engineering from Cal State Long Beach by my aunt who was a civil engineer. I was always good at math and science and this looked like a promising profession.

I joined Psomas right out of college because it’s a top-ranked company in survey and really well known in the industry.

I’ve been here one year now and my job is never dull. I work on commercial projects and freeways all over California. My job responsibilities cover a wide range, from drafting in CAD software, to writing legal descriptions, to establishing boundaries and developing field packages.  There is always something new and challenging. I like taking what exists in the real world and bringing it into the computer world.

I enjoy all the people I work with here. My co-workers are all really nice and supportive.  We just had a BBQ in the park and of course there is always Taco Tuesdays after work.

Outside of work I love to play basketball and tennis. I’m also into shooting: archery and pool!

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