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Three New Principals of the Firm

Psomas has appointed Chris Davenport, Ed O’Brien, and Nick Tarditti as principals of the firm.


Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport is a Sr. Project Manager on our Walnut Creek Construction Management team. During his 23 years of experience, he has built a successful track record of providing outstanding client service by not only identifying project issues, but also recommending solutions on how to move forward. Passionate about giving back to the industry, Chris is a board member of several associations including the California Association of Sanitation Agencies.



Ed O’Brien, Sr. Project Manager, is also part of our Walnut Creek team and has 20 years of experience in the construction management field. Ed’s focus is not only on serving clients and leading teams in the field, but also on mentoring the next generation of construction managers. His technical expertise has been demonstrated on many large projects including the Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant Upgrade located in Livermore, CA.



Nick TardittiNick Tarditti is Psomas’ Chief Financial Officer. With 15 years of experience, Nick is a Chartered Financial Analyst and involved in several associations including ACEC, EFCG, and AEC. Since joining the firm, his continuous process improvement philosophy has been instrumental in streamlining many procedures. His commitment to improvement extends to his team, where he provides training and mentoring to help them reach their full potential.






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