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Subsurface Utility Location Expert Dennis Mead Joins Psomas

Dennis Mead, a noted expert in the field of subsurface utility engineering, has joined Psomas to head up the firm’s subsurface utility detection practice.

“Dennis is a well-known expert in the industry and bringing him on board is an excellent marriage of our utility location and survey services,” said Ryan McLean, CEO and president of Psomas, in making the announcement.

During his 20-year career, Mead has provided subsurface utility locating services for major utility companies as well as numerous private contractors. He supervised more than 2,500 miles of gas transmission mapping projects as well as various major infrastructure projects.

Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) involves managing risks associated with utility mapping, relocation design, condition assessment, and related services.

A component of SUE, subsurface utility detection utilizes ground penetrating radar, electro-magnetic locating, CCTV cameras, and other related technology to determine the existence and location of underground utilities within project limits.

Learn more about our Underground Utility Detection services here.

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