Why Psomas


Learn what it’s like to work at Psomas


Creating Opportunity

What is it that interests you? Variety? Growth opportunities? Exciting projects and professional challenge? If so, Psomas is the right place to further your career.

Above all, we want to create opportunity. Our open-door management style is geared to promoting dialogue and encouraging professional growth. We nourish and reward our employees, encouraging them to reach the heights of their careers. Our employees know they will grow and prosper professionally here.


A Priority on Work/Life Balance

You know what they say about “all work and no play.”

Everyone has a life outside of work, and work/life balance is a priority for us. We support our employees and provide flexibility for them to pursue activities outside of work, whether it be community involvement, pursuing higher education, or coaching their kid’s soccer team.


We Definitely Like to Have Fun

And finally, while we take our business seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Take it from our Employees.

“We often get together outside of work and a bunch of us recently completed a mountain bike race together. “

“We had our own Olympic Games in the hallways of our office during the 2018 Winter Olympics. I’m also part of the mountain bikers group here in the Tucson office.”



“We work hard but we enjoy our time here as well. In fact, we just started an unofficial weekend hiking group.”

“A group of us gets together on a regular basis for happy hour, the Long Beach Beer and Taco 5K Run, and hiking, etc.”


“We have a lot of fun here in the office, like bagel Wednesdays, pie day, guacamole contests, and picnics.”

“We just had a BBQ in the park and of course there is always Taco Tuesdays after work.”


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