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A People-First Culture Creates Long-Lasting Success

(Originally published in the September 20-26, 2021 issue of the Los Angeles Business Journal)

Psomas is a nationally-ranked engineering consulting firm serving the Western U.S. with unmatched professionalism, a broad offering of services and a first-class team of professionals. Psomas delivers innovative, sustainable solutions for communities with projects in construction management, engineering, surveying and geospatial services, and environmental consulting.

For 75 years, Psomas has placed people at the heart of its company, fostering a sense of teamwork and pride that has driven decades of success. With a focus on helping employees build long-term careers and choosing projects that make a difference, Psomas has grown year after year to become an award-winning, highly sought after mid-sized engineering consulting firm in the U.S.

Psomas would not be where it is now without a history of teamwork, which built a strong foundation for the company to grow to what it is today. Since 1946, Psomas has been a pioneer in the industry, and that spirit of innovation is still alive and well.

Psomas is proud to acknowledge the steadfast leadership that came first to set this company on a strong path, and today the company celebrates each employee — from intern to executive and every stage in between – who is playing an important part in our future growth.

Psomas is proud to be a small (or large!) part of many exciting projects, both past and present. The company’s work spans everything from transportation projects for Caltrans to major solar projects to designing a new Facebook campus. A few examples in the Southern California region include:

• LA River Valley Bikeway & Greenway
• Glendale Hyperion Complex of Bridges, Widening and Retrofit
• Los Angeles Federal Courthouse
• Purple Line Subway Extension

The company’s strong background combined with smart strategy and forward thinking help Psomas deliver meaningful results for its clients.

As an employee-owned company, each person who works at Psomas plays an important role in the company’s success. In turn, Psomas makes it a priority to invest in its workforce and create a highly engaged team that wants to stay and build a career. The sense of pride that Psomas employees feel is one of the reasons the firm has experienced such significant growth and delivered impressive results for its clients.

With more than 600 employees and 12 offices in Arizona, California and Utah, nationally-ranked Psomas has shown no signs of slowing down, even amid the pandemic. But there’s more to the company’s success than working on projects.

As Psomas looks to the next 75 years and beyond, the company will keep thriving with a team-driven, people-focused culture. Psomas has made great progress to build a more diverse, inclusive work environment for all employees, and will continue to partner with clients and pick projects that matter to its communities.

Psomas also knows that flexibility is the way to succeed in today’s world, whether that means remote work, new ideas or the ability to pivot in an instant. The company prioritizes work + life balance, social responsibility and career development, and its top priority is to ensure the success of all clients and staff. A career with Psomas is more than “just a job.”

From day one, Psomas fosters an optimal work experience through effective onboarding, helping new employees connect meaningfully with peers and colleagues, ongoing relationship building, mentoring and development programs designed to boost their careers.

The people at Psomas believe it is more than a company. It’s a place where each person becomes part of a team, builds lasting professional connections and has the opportunity to make significant contributions throughout their career.

A People-First Culture Creates Long-Lasting Success | Los Angeles Business Journal (

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