Tom Pilarski

Tom PilarskiFeatured Employee: Tom Pilarski

Project Manager
Orange County Office

I’ve been in the Survey Group at Psomas for 11 years now. Even though my father was a surveyor and I worked in survey in high school and college, I didn’t intend to make this my profession. I graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science and went into retail. After several years I saw that the retail profession was not very good for someone with a young family, so I decided to return to the survey world.

I was working for a title company when I met folks from Psomas and realized that I’d have more hands-on surveying opportunities here. Right now I’m working on pipeline safety projects for several gas companies. Prior to that, I was working on a NAVFAC contract that involved doing real estate summary maps, records of survey, and updating the documentation systems for U.S. Navy bases.

What I love about my job is that it gives me a great deal of freedom. There is also a high level of interaction and collaboration with other offices on projects. And I get to use the management skills that I learned in retail. Doing a good job motivates me—turning out exceptional projects that reflect what Psomas is known for. I want to make sure Psomas is viewed as a stellar company.

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