Tim Grossmann

Featured Employee: Tim Grossmann

Assistant Resident Engineer
Roseville Office

My first job after getting a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Chico State was for an engineering firm in San Francisco. But my wife and I decided to move to the Sacramento area, where housing was more affordable. Through my father-in-law I learned about an opportunity at Psomas, where I started in the Construction Management Group.

Fast forward 13 years and I’m working on projects all over Northern California, everything from small roadways to large bridge and highway projects. I’m motivated by the intricate, detailed and challenging projects like the one I’m working on now, a large pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific/ Sacramento Regional Transit Light Rail tracks.

I think Psomas is different from other bigger companies where too often you’re just a number, not really a person. I’m very loyal to Psomas, because they really care about me and my family. This is a very family-oriented firm with a special kind of camaraderie that I’m not sure you’d find at a lot of other firms.

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