Psomas and TaKaDu Announce Partnership

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Psomas has formed a partnership with TaKaDu, a global leader in water network monitoring. Both companies are partnering to serve the United States market by offering TaKaDu’s Software-as-a-Service solution to monitor water distribution networks.

“We see great potential in providing real-time knowledge and visibility into water networks in the U.S., where much of the infrastructure is old and has never been replaced,” said Jacob Lipa, Psomas president. “Our focus is on providing ‘smart water’ services to clients by improving network efficiencies and reducing cost through reduced energy consumption, improved asset management and reduced water losses. TaKaDu’s Water Network Monitoring solution will help our clients take control of their networks with real-time information and alerts about inefficiencies, water loss and other problems with their water distribution assets.”

TaKaDu’s water network monitoring technology eliminates unnecessary operational costs with a simple-to-operate and cost-effective software-based service. The TaKaDu solution converts available existing data into real-time alerts on network events, resulting in early detection, better operation and more efficient management.

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“Partnerships are a cornerstone of our market. This is a true global market and water utilities everywhere need water network monitoring to ensure high client satisfaction by delivery of water with minimal interruption at lowest cost,” said Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s Founder and CEO. “Psomas is a great partner for the United States, demonstrating deep expertise in how water networks should be managed. In addition, Psomas’ strong relationships with water agencies, municipal utilities and federal entities provide a broad resource of potential users for our water network monitoring software.”

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Article about Smart Water Networks

To learn more about smart water networks and TaKaDu’s services, read this article authored by Amir Pelig, CEO of TaKaDu, published in the January 2014 issue of Water Technology magazine:
Investment in Smart Water Networks on the Rise: Studies show that the global market value of smart water technologies is expected to quadruple in the coming decade

More press about TaKaDu.

More about TaKaDu

TaKaDu is the global leader in Water Network Monitoring, providing a comprehensive platform for water utilities looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency. TaKaDu’s web-based solution gives the utility real-time control over network events, using state-of-the-art statistical and mathematical algorithms. TaKaDu’s patented technology is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, no additional devices and no capital expenditure. TaKaDu saves time, money, water and energy in water utilities across the globe. It serves utilities through a global network of partners and resellers. TaKaDu is a founding member of the Smart Water Networks (SWAN) Forum, and the winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious Technology Pioneer award from the World Economic Forum.

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