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Civil + Structural Engineer Features Bike Share Article

Kevin Thornton’s article about using Envision to assess a non-traditional or unique infrastructure program is featured in Civil + Structural Engineer.

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ISI Shares our Take on Envision Rating

Kevin Thornton’s discussion on how the Envision process influences projects for the better, regardless of certification, is re-posted on the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s website.

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Designing Wildlife-Friendly Roadways

Multi-disciplinary efforts work to mitigate challenges designing wildlife-friendly roadways. Published by ENR and civil + structural ENGINEER magazines.

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Pedestrian Recreational Opportunities on Floodplains

Floodplains offer excellent opportunities for pedestrian recreational facilities. By Mike Daly, PE, ENV SP

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Envision: It’s Not Just About the Score

The Envision checklist process influences projects for the better, regardless of certification. By Kevin Thornton, PE, ENV SP, STP

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Former Landfill Site Transformed

A holistic, systems-based solution with multiple benefits to the environment, economy, and society. Published by World Water: Stormwater Management magazine.

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California Explores Sustainable Transit

Sustainable transit through systematic implementation of social, environmental, and economic sustainability programs. Published by civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Kevin Thornton Named Director of Sustainability

Reinforcing its long-term commitment to promoting sustainable initiatives, Psomas has appointed Kevin Thornton as Director of Sustainability.

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Model for Urban Stormwater Treatment

South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

The South Los Angeles Wetland Park sets the standard for achievement in sustainability. Article in civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Breath of Life™ Awards: Psomas Honored for Sustainability Leadership

BREATHE LA awarded Psomas with their Breath of Life™ Award for sustainability leadership.

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Envisioning Sustainable Infrastructure: An Interview with Tim Psomas

Tim Psomas Presents SCAG Sustainability Workshop

Tim describes the formation of Envision and ISI and explains the scope of Envision’s tools, systems, and goals. It’s a handy primer.

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Advocating For Sustainable Engineering Practices in San Diego

Sustainability expert Michael Pollard was featured in an article about the Joint APWA/ASCE/ACEC San Diego Sustainability Committee.

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Kevin Thornton Presents On Envision at ACEC-AZ Conference

Join Psomas sustainability expert Kevin Thornton to learn about ISI’s Envision at the ACEC-AZ Roads and Streets Conference on April 17, 2014.

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Kevin Thornton on Sustainability at AACE/NACE Western Region Conf

Join Psomas sustainability expert Kevin Thornton at the AACE/NACE Western Regional Conference on November 7, 2013.

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Tim Psomas Presents Sustainability Workshop for SCAG

Tim Psomas Presents SCAG Sustainability Workshop

Tim Psomas will present a sustainability workshop on Oct 29, 2013 about the Envision rating system.

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Michael Pollard Presents at Sustainability Seminar

Join Psomas sustainability expert Michael Pollard at San Diego Joint ASCE/APWA/ACEC Sustainability Committee Seminar on October 29, 2013.

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Sustainability Rating Systems: Broad Based or Narrowly Focused?

A guide to help transportation infrastructure owners decide on the best approach. By Sean Vargas and Kevin Thornton | Published by CE News

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Psomas Signs Up for ISI Fast Track Credentialing Program

Psomas has committed to credential at least 100 staff as ENV SP (Envision™Sustainability Professionals) within the next 12 months.

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250-Megawatt Solar Farm in the Mojave Desert

Mojave Solar Project

Psomas is providing surveying services for this $1.2 billion project which will power 54,000 households.

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Tim Psomas to be Keynote Speaker at Engineers Week

As keynote speaker at the 39th Annual Engineers Week Dinner, Tim Psomas will addresses how engineers can help the nation make better use of its resources.

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Civil Infrastructure to Get Green Rating System

In a move to do for infrastructure what the LEED rating system has done for buildings, the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), The American Public Works Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers have joined forces to form

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Transforming Urban Blight into Wetlands Oasis

The South LA Wetland Park captures and treats polluted stormwater runoff from a 525-acre watershed before releasing it into the Pacific Ocean.

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Three Psomas Projects to Test First Sustainable Landscape Rating System

Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) announced the selection of the Lions Park in Moab, the UTA Intermodal Center in Orem and the Swaner EcoCenter in Park City to participate in a program to test the nation’s first rating system for green landscape design, construction and maintenance.

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An Innovative Urban Wetland

Restoring a Link to Nature LA Transforms Urban Blight Into Wetland Park This Case Study published by Stormwater Magazine highlights our South Los Angeles Wetland project, an innovative wetland park. To read the entire article, click here and navigate to page 38. (Click

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Applying Sustainability Principles more Efficiently

Psomas President Jacob Lipa participated in a CE News column about sustainability, born out of the Civil Engineers’ Summit & Expo in Los Angeles.

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A Sustainable Pavement Alternative

Use of Sustainable Concrete Alternative is Emerging: Psomas engineers Scott Rocke and Jonathan Bowers weigh in on the benefits and challenges of pervious concrete.

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Rare Sustainability Efforts in a Rare Environment

Design of a new potable and non-potable water supply system for the Furnace Creek area in California’s Death Valley National Park offered a number of opportunities to implement the principles of sustainable design.

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