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Drones Boost Efficiency in Traffic Engineering Projects

For civil engineers, drone technology has become extraordinarily useful for traffic monitoring and keeping track of projects under construction.

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ISI Shares our Take on Envision Rating

Kevin Thornton’s discussion on how the Envision process influences projects for the better, regardless of certification, is re-posted on the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s website.

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3D Mapping—a Valuable Tool in Construction Management

3D laser scanning (LiDAR 3D mapping) provides a wealth of data at significant cost savings.

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Fostering Growth in Young Engineers a Strong Part of Psomas Culture

What does it take to foster professional growth in young engineers? This is an important question that AEC firms must successfully answer.

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January Showers Bring March Flowers

Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity! Avoid costly project delays. Plan your focused surveys for special status plant and wildlife species now.

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Thinking Outside the Box to Become a Transit-Oriented Multifamily Developer

Former Psomas president Jacob Lipa talks about the decision to create Psomas subsidiary Micropolitan.

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The Time for Spring Surveys Is Now

Don’t Miss Your Window of Opportunity! Avoid costly project delays. Plan your focused surveys for special status plant and wildlife species now.

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The Importance of Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plans

A Bridge Preventive Maintenance Plan extends the life of bridges and qualifying culverts. By Douglas Fredericks, PE

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Designing Wildlife-Friendly Roadways

Multi-disciplinary teams working together help to mitigate challenges designing wildlife-friendly roadways. By Alejandro Angel, PhD, PE, PTOE

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Water Technology Solutions Detect Loss, Fight Drought

Progressive agencies are adopting big data analytics to fight drought challenges. By Craig Gooch

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Pedestrian Recreational Opportunities on Floodplains

Floodplains offer excellent opportunities for pedestrian recreational facilities. By Mike Daly, PE, ENV SP

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Envision: It’s Not Just About the Score

The Envision checklist process influences projects for the better, regardless of certification. By Kevin Thornton, PE, ENV SP, STP

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Avoiding the Unforeseen: Infrastructure Upgrade Challenges

Challenges in upgrading our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure in dense urban areas. By Dave Mortiz, PLS

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Improving Agency Efficiency Using GIS

Opportunities and Challenges: Approaching GIS as an enterprise solution can provide significant operational improvements.

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Critical Time for Clients – Spring Biological Surveys

Completing spring biological surveys can be a critical path item in a project schedule – and now is the time to schedule them!

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Former Landfill Becomes Wetland

Michael Pollard explains how the Rory Shaw Wetland Park brings the three pillars of sustainability concept to life.

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Traffic Calming for Bikes

Alejandro Angel on traffic calming safety treatments for unsignalized bike path street crossings.

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When it Comes to the Environment, Everything is Connected

Marking our recent Breath of Life Award, Blake Murillo reflects on environmentally positive projects.

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Mobile Scanning Software Finally Catches Up

Paul Enneking on recent advances in point cloud processing and extraction software, allowing improved processing of mobile scanning data.

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