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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

James Nicolau explains how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows the user to scale computer performance based on current needs.

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Benefits of Pro-Active Laser Scanning Before El Niño

Using high definition laser scanning in the face of the anticipated El Niño. By James Nicolau, IV, PLS

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Psomas Invests in Cutting-Edge Mobile Laser Scanning System

Industry Leader in Implementing Survey Technology: Psomas has purchased the Lynx S1 Mobile Mapper System from Optech.

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Water Technology Solutions Detect Loss, Fight Drought

Progressive agencies are adopting big data analytics to fight drought challenges. By Craig Gooch

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Avoiding the Unforeseen: Infrastructure Upgrade Challenges

Challenges in upgrading our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure in dense urban areas. By Dave Mortiz, PLS

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Emergency response? There’s an app for that…

First Responders Need a Common Operating Picture. By Scott Doan, SitStat | Published by 9-1-1 Magazine

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