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Sustainable Features and Innovative Solutions

Psomas staff, Anne Williams and Mike Crehan, talk about sustainable aspects of this high-profile LA project in Civil Engineering magazine.

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Psomas Paleontologist Finds Whale Fossil Dating Back 10 Million Years

Paleontologist Melissa Macias discovered the bone fragments of a 10 million year old fossilized whale.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

James Nicolau explains how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure allows the user to scale computer performance based on current needs.

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Designing Wildlife-Friendly Roadways

Multi-disciplinary efforts work to mitigate challenges designing wildlife-friendly roadways. Published by ENR and civil + structural ENGINEER magazines.

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Former Landfill Site Transformed

A holistic, systems-based solution with multiple benefits to the environment, economy, and society. Published by World Water: Stormwater Management magazine.

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California Explores Sustainable Transit

Sustainable transit through systematic implementation of social, environmental, and economic sustainability programs. Published by civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Model for Urban Stormwater Treatment

South Los Angeles Wetlands Park

The South Los Angeles Wetland Park sets the standard for achievement in sustainability. Article in civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Emergency response? There’s an app for that…

First Responders Need a Common Operating Picture. By Scott Doan, SitStat | Published by 9-1-1 Magazine

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Envisioning Sustainable Infrastructure: An Interview with Tim Psomas

Tim Psomas Presents SCAG Sustainability Workshop

Tim describes the formation of Envision and ISI and explains the scope of Envision’s tools, systems, and goals. It’s a handy primer.

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Advocating For Sustainable Engineering Practices in San Diego

Sustainability expert Michael Pollard was featured in an article about the Joint APWA/ASCE/ACEC San Diego Sustainability Committee.

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Sustainability Rating Systems: Broad Based or Narrowly Focused?

A guide to help transportation infrastructure owners decide on the best approach. By Sean Vargas and Kevin Thornton | Published by CE News

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Surveyors Wield Picture-Perfect Productivity

Psomas surveyor using Trimble

POB (Point of Beginning) magazine consulted Psomas surveyors for this article on the use of integrated imaging for impressive cost savings.

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Psomas President and CFO Weigh In on the ESOP

Blake Murillo and Loren Sokolow were among the industry leaders consulted about the risks and rewards of adopting an ESOP.

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Emergency Fire Response with Critical Real-Time Data

Using GIS, a common operating picture is provided on various devices. As published by Esri’s ArcNews.

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A New View on Civil Infrastructure

A New View on Civil Infrastructure

ISI’s Envision rating system focuses on non-habitable infrastructure. By Tim Psomas | Published by CE News Magazine

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Dynamic Marriage of Survey Technologies

Niles Canyon

Multiple-technology approach overcomes site challenges. Published by CE News Magazine

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Protecting Urban Areas from Flooding

CE News levees photo

Issues and challenges in improving the nation’s levees. By Paul Enneking, PLS | Published by CE News Magazine

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Meeting Drainage Crossing Design Challenges

Precast Arches

Precast arches solve design challenges and speed construction, by Sal Boenzi, PE | Published by CE News

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Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning - bridge

Caltrans evaluates costs and benefits of Mobile Laser Scanning, which reduces costs, increases safety, and expedites surveying.

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Transforming Urban Blight into Wetlands Oasis

The South LA Wetland Park captures and treats polluted stormwater runoff from a 525-acre watershed before releasing it into the Pacific Ocean.

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Best-Laid Plans: Master Planning Creates Opportunities, Benefits

Psomas CEO Blake Murillo was included in a piece in Engineering Inc magazine on the challenges and benefits of master planning. In an age of budget constraints and sustainability, master planning creates opportunity for firms, long-term benefits for clients.

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The 2010 Haiti Earthquake: A Public Works Disaster

Curt Edwards led a team of engineers sponsored by the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering to investigate and document damage to lifelines for a future ASCE publication of lessons learned.

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Emergency Response And Recovery for the 2008 Chinese Earthquake

China’s highly efficient and coordinated response effort could be used as a model for disaster response across the globe.

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An Innovative Urban Wetland

Restoring a Link to Nature LA Transforms Urban Blight Into Wetland Park This Case Study published by Stormwater Magazine highlights our South Los Angeles Wetland project, an innovative wetland park. To read the entire article, click here and navigate to page 38. (Click

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Rare Sustainability Efforts in a Rare Environment

Design of a new potable and non-potable water supply system for the Furnace Creek area in California’s Death Valley National Park offered a number of opportunities to implement the principles of sustainable design.

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