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Sustainable Features and Innovative Solutions

Psomas staff, Anne Williams and Mike Crehan, talk about sustainable aspects of this high-profile LA project in Civil Engineering magazine.

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Psomas Paleontologist Finds Whale Fossil Dating Back 10 Million Years

Paleontologist Melissa Macias discovered the bone fragments of a 10 million year old fossilized whale.

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Designing Wildlife-Friendly Roadways

Multi-disciplinary efforts work to mitigate challenges designing wildlife-friendly roadways. Published by ENR and civil + structural ENGINEER magazines.

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California Explores Sustainable Transit

Sustainable transit through systematic implementation of social, environmental, and economic sustainability programs. Published by civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Model for Urban Stormwater Treatment

The South Los Angeles Wetland Park sets the standard for achievement in sustainability. Article in civil + structural ENGINEER magazine.

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Emergency response? There’s an app for that…

First Responders Need a Common Operating Picture. By Scott Doan, SitStat | Published by 9-1-1 Magazine

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Envisioning Sustainable Infrastructure: An Interview with Tim Psomas

Tim describes the formation of Envision and ISI and explains the scope of Envision’s tools, systems, and goals. It’s a handy primer.

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Sustainability Rating Systems: Broad Based or Narrowly Focused?

A guide to help transportation infrastructure owners decide on the best approach. By Sean Vargas and Kevin Thornton | Published by CE News

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Transforming Urban Blight into Wetlands Oasis

The South LA Wetland Park captures and treats polluted stormwater runoff from a 525-acre watershed before releasing it into the Pacific Ocean.

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