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Daria Sarraf

Daria Sarraf
Environmental Planner
Pasadena Office

I’ve been with Psomas for four years now, after getting my Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies at USC.

What I love about working at Psomas is that this company really looks at your potential, your skillset, and your passions to support you in becoming a valuable addition to the team. Also, I work with a lot of strong, smart women, who are inspirational role models for my career.

My specialty is modeling air quality and greenhouse gas emissions to see how a project would impact the environment. While I work on a variety of projects, my favorite ones are mixed-use transit-oriented developments—they are the future of development and sustainability. It’s exciting to be practicing my profession in California because of all the cutting-edge environmental technologies and regulations.

I’m also a musician and this helps me to be better at my job. It has taught me determination, focus, and the ability to perform in front of other people under pressure. When I’m not at work as an environmental planner, I’m performing as a harpist on TV, recordings, film, and in music videos. This certainly keeps my life exciting! I get to do all of the things that I’m really passionate about.

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