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Charuni Kurumbalapitiya

Charuni Kurumbalapitiya
Charuni Kurumbalapitiya
Civil Engineer
Roseville Office

“What keeps me motivated is the fast pace, working with a lot of different people, and being engaged in a variety of public projects that bring connectivity to communities.”

What’s the coolest thing apart from work that you’re doing right now?
Mentoring a freshman civil engineering student at UC Davis. It’s her first year and with the pandemic, it’s extra hard. It’s a pretty cool experience for me because I get to learn a lot from her as well.

What would surprise people about you?
I like to go see live wrestling shows. It’s something that I do only with my husband.

What’s on your travel bucket list?
Going on a food tour in Japan.

Favorite movie?
The Grand Budapest Hotel. I watch that at least once a year. Pretty quirky and fun.

Favorite musicians?
Taylor Swift. I can’t seem to get away from her.

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