Transportation Engineering

Yosemite Avenue – Main Street to Cottage | Manteca, CA


City of Manteca


Preliminary Engineering
Final Design
Environmental Documents
360-Degree Video

Roadway Rehabilitation Using 360-degree Technology

Yosemite Avenue is a busy arterial road in downtown Manteca whose pavement is in poor condition with signs of surface cracking and pavement depressions. Consisting of two and four lane segments between Main Street and Cottage Drive, the project involves resurfacing and/or reconstruction including lane restriping, installation of new traffic loops, road striping, and ADA sidewalk improvements.

Psomas is preparing preliminary engineering and final design including an environmental document, geotechnical evaluation, a Project Design Report (PDR), and PS&E for this mile-long segment.

A 360-degree camera was used to capture existing field conditions during the initial phase of the project. During design, the team needed the total number and location of drainage inlets. Having the 360-degree video enabled the design team to easily locate the inlets without another lengthy site visit, saving the city both time and money.