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Streamlined Development Process through Form-Based Code

Wasatch County’s code was extremely cumbersome for the planning staff and decision makers to administer. It was also difficult for the development community to embrace because of the up-front engineering costs required in the approval process. As a result, the County commissioned Psomas to improve the approval process and create a more streamlined code.

The North Village in Wasatch County, the area for which the code was commissioned, has a very unique sense of place that serves as the gateway to the entire Heber Valley for visitors arriving from the north along Highway 40. Critical to the success of the code was the creation of form-based development criteria that preserved and enhanced the rural character of this important gateway.

The code Psomas crafted focuses on establishing an overall aesthetic theme through the adoption of architectural design guidelines, creating a transportation network and pedestrian circulation system by establishing new road standards, and increasing developer flexibility through development standards by transect.