Environmental Consulting

Sunset Ridge Park Environmental Services | Newport Beach, CA

City of Newport Beach


CEQA Documentation (EIR)
CEQA Analyses: Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas, Noise, and Cultural Resources
Focused Surveys for Special Status Plants, Western Burrowing Owl, and Coastal California Gnatcatcher CEQA Biological Resources Analysis
Pre-Construction Surveys
Biological and Paleontological Construction Monitoring

Multi-Disciplinary Park

The new Sunset Ridge Park in Newport Beach will include one baseball field, two soccer fields, a playground and picnic area, gardens, pedestrian walkways, and restroom facilities.

BonTerra Psomas prepared the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and several of the technical studies including air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, biological resources, and cultural resources. Biological resource tasks included conducting a habitat assessment and vegetation mapping; focused surveys for special status plants, western burrowing owl, and coastal California gnatcatcher; and reviewing a landscape plan to evaluate the use of drought-tolerant and California native plants. The EIR was challenged and its adequacy upheld. Construction began in January 2014.

BonTerra Psomas also assisted the City in complying with the Coastal Development Permit since the entire site is within the coastal zone. Tasks included preparation and implementation of a Feral Cat Trapping Plan, Cowbird Trapping Plan, Lighting Plan, and Human Intrusion Plan. Pre-construction nesting bird surveys were also completed. Since grading on the site impacts the paleontologically sensitive Palos Verdes Sands marine terrace deposits, biological and paleontological monitoring were also provided. During monitoring, approximately 6,000 pounds of sediment samples were collected, which will be closely examined for the presence of animal species.