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SR 138 (SR 14) and Palmdale Boulevard Interchange Improvements | Palmdale, CA


City of Palmdale


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Reconfiguring Off-ramps to Improve Operations and Safety

Due to the high volume of traffic on Palmdale Boulevard and the limited green time for the left turn lanes at the off-ramps from SR-138 (SR-14), motorists experienced an extended wait at the “Continuous Green T- Intersection.”

This project will improve levels of service by increasing capacity, reducing congestion, and improving overall operations and safety. Services consist of providing land surveying, environmental consulting and engineering for the PA&ED and PS&E phases. Improvements include signal upgrades, intersection modifications, and reconfiguration of the SR 138 (SR 14) on- and off-ramps.

Psomas’ Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR System (MTLS), which captures two million points per second while driving at freeway speeds, was used to supplement traditional aerial photogrammetry and ground surveys to provide detail of the existing bridge structures, roadways, and drainage improvements. Conforming to Caltrans standards and specs, the MTLS captures design-level topographic data and precise pavement grades without closing or obstructing traffic, increasing safety for all. The rich detail of the point cloud is then used to extract critical design features into 3D models or as standard CADD objects.