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Six Flags Magic Mountain Santa Clara Riverbank Protection | Los Angeles County, CA

Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park


Permit Preparation
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Permit Preparation and Compliance Coordination

During heavy storms in the winter of 2005, 4.8 acres of a 25-acre overflow parking area for Six Flags Magic Mountain were washed away by the swollen Santa Clara River. This event effectively moved the southern bank of the Santa Clara River to within 30 feet of Feedmill Road, the primary access route to Magic Mountain for fire and other emergency service providers. In order to protect this road and the overflow parking area, Six Flags intends to install a permanent soil cement bank protection structure along the existing southern bank of the Santa Clara River.

Psomas has been working with Six Flags since 2006 to provide regulatory compliance services, including natural resource permitting and water quality permitting services pursuant to the federal Clean Water Act (Sections 401 and 404) and the State Fish and Game Code (Section 1602).

In addition, Psomas prepared Verification Request Letters for both the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). Both CDFW and Corps concurred with Psomas’ findings of consistency.