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Web Application Development
Mobile Tablet and Phone Common Operating Picture
Integration with CAD and AVL
Multi-Agency Integration
Design and Implementation of High Availability Architecture
Security Implementation

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Article: Esri's ArcNews: Emergency Fire Response with Critical Real-Time Data
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Managing Emergency Public Safety Response

The Alameda County Regional Emergency Communication Center (ACRECC) in Alameda, California is enhancing fire incident response by implementing SitStat—Situation Status—which provides information in an uncomplicated manner to incident commanders in the field and other locations. Implemented with Esri technology, a “common operating picture” is provided on iPads, other tablet computers, smart phones, and on-wall monitors.

With SitStat now in place in fire stations throughout the 738-square-mile ACRECC area, all fire and paramedic emergency responders respond and react with the same set of information. They now have a common operating picture showing real-time information to everyone who needs to know.

The County Sheriff has been added to SitStat to incorporate Sheriff, Fire, and EMS live data into one common operating picture. Several cities are in the process of being integrated to fill areas of coverage. This cross-discipline view of live data is very rare.

Incident and unit status is refreshed from CAD three times per minute. Map and site information is easily uploaded and shared when updates are made.

Alameda County turned to Psomas to implement SitStat because of the firm’s expertise in Esri software design and implementation and prior emergency response experience. Working as part of an integrated project team, Psomas provided overall project coordination and managed the design, development and deployment of SitStat.