Construction Management

Interstate 80/Sierra College Boulevard Interchange | Rocklin, CA

City of Rocklin


Construction Management
Structures Representative
Resident Engineering
Construction Staking
Biological Mitigation


Client award: APWA –
Transportation Project of the Year

Improved Circulation, Catalyst for Economic Growth and Development

The City of Rocklin needed to make major improvements to an old interchange at I-80 and Sierra College Boulevard to help catalyze new development, as well as improve traffic circulation and relieve congestion at the current and adjacent interchanges. Improvements included constructing new roadways, widening existing roadways, new drainage systems, on/off-ramps to I-80, changing the geometrics of an existing intersection by raising and widening the existing roadway, modifying existing and installation of new traffic signals, installing highway and street lighting, and installing freeway ramp metering signals.

Complete construction management services were provided for this $22.5 million project, including resident engineering, structures representative, inspection, materials testing, construction staking oversight, biological mitigation, and public relations. Structure work included the staged construction of a new two-span, cast-in-place, box girder bridge over six lanes of I-80; staged roadway and bridge demolition construction requirements; and coordination with Caltrans oversight engineering, Caltrans traffic management center, and Construction Zone Enhanced Enforcement Program (COZEEP). Surveying services included scheduled and as-needed construction staking, topographic surveys, digital terrain models, and as-built exhibits.