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Protecting Urban Areas from Flooding

Surveying Levees, Creeks and Drainage Channels for 100-Year Flood Protection

The $600+ million Natomas Levee Improvement Project involves the repair and upgrade of more than 42 miles of levees along portions of the Sacramento and American Rivers, Steelhead Creek, Pleasant Grove Creek, and Natomas Cross Canal. These levees are to provide 100-year flood protection for the Natomas basin.

Since the start of this project in 2006, Psomas has been providing surveying, aerial orthophotography, base and topographic mapping, right-of-way engineering, mitigation and cultural resource mapping, and construction support surveys. Special services include creation of a basin-wide project control system established to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements and support of land acquisition activities including appraisal and court exhibits and providing professional opinions in support of eminent domain actions.

This project has involved coordination with SAFCA consultants and attorneys, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, National Geodetic Surveys, California Department of Water Resources, Federal Aviation Administration, Reclamation District 1000, American River Flood Control District, Sacramento County, Sutter County, Natomas Mutual Water Company, fuel pipeline companies, PG&E, and Sacramento Municipal Utility District.