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Riverton 12600 South | Riverton, UT

City of Riverton


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A Detail-Oriented Downtown for the City of Riverton

With increasing regional commercial competition and the rapid sprawl-like growth of the 12600 South and Redwood Road area, known as the heart of Riverton, it was struggling to find identity and continuity. Psomas was retained to analyze and establish short, medium, and long-term strategies to establish this 300-acre area as Riverton’s downtown and create a great sense of place.

In order to develop context as to the area’s strengths and weaknesses, field studies were done and meetings were held with a number of stakeholders.

Several land plans were then created to integrate the missing details that would tie the area together and restore its ability to thrive. The success of this project led to a second study incorporating a larger area, helping to further the success and vibrancy of the City of Riverton.