Rail Asset Management System (RAMS) | Los Angeles County, CA

Alameda Corridor Transp. Authority


Application Requirements and Design
CAD Data Translation into Geodatabase
Linear Referencing Lease and Property Records to Rail Segments
Development and Deployment of Web-based Viewer and Property Management Data
Documentation and Training

Enhancing Property Management with GIS

Psomas provided GIS consulting and application development services in support of the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority’s Rail Asset Management System (RAMS). RAMS is a web-based GIS application (ArcGIS Server) that enables data access and management through a secure web-based application.

RAMS integrates property legal records, as-built drawings, CAD files, and property management database records with GIS to support right of way and property management. The primary users are the Alameda Corridor Transportation Agency, Port of Los Angeles, and Port of Long Beach.

Psomas performed analysis of current processes and a needs assessment, developed system requirements specifications, and developed a web-based lease agreement management system integrated with GIS. The development and migration includes incorporating legacy data, integrating local agency GIS layers, and developing application features to manage ongoing property leases linked with legal records and the GIS.

The application includes advanced search and reporting features, document access and download, temporal record tracking, and data extraction through Excel.