Surveying & Mapping

PG&E On-Call Contract | Northern California

Pacific Gas & Electric


Project Control
Ground Based Topographic Data Collection
Static LiDAR Scanning
Photogrammetric Mapping
Ortho-Rectified Imagery
Construction Staking
Utility Locating
Ground Penetrating Radar
Topographic Mapping
Plan and Profile Mapping
Boundary Resolution
Title Report Analysis
Easement Description Preparation
Exhibit Plat for Easement Preparation

Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP) Surveys and Mapping

PG&E retained Psomas through a multi-year on-call contract to provide various survey and mapping services for their Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP). Over the past several years many of the latest land surveying and data capture techniques have been utilized on PG&E projects in order to be as efficient and accurate as necessitated by each project. These innovations include real-time network (RTN) GPS technology, digital photogrammetry, high resolution color ortho-rectified imagery, terrestrial LiDAR scanning, and utilizing the National Geodetic Survey’s (NGS) On-line Positioning User Service (OPUS) for establishing three dimensional survey project control in remote locations. This approach allowed Psomas to maintain the accuracy tolerances of the project while minimizing field hours on site.

All projects are completed using PG&E standards which begin with using PG&E feature coding for data collected in the field and end with the “standards checker” as the final quality control step prior to submitting the mapping for acceptance by PG&E.