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Otay Water District Steel Tank Scanning | Otay, CA


Otay Water District


Laser Scanning

Getting more Data with 3D Laser Technology

Otay Water District performs regular maintenance on two dozen above-ground steel tanks within their service area. In the past, imaging the interior condition and measuring the location of structural elements required a certified diver with a waterproof camera and a measuring tape. However, this method could only approximately map the ceiling beams.

Psomas was able to suspend a laser scanner through the access hatch and provide the District with precise 3D modeling of the interior from the water level to the ceiling. 3D laser scanning was completed with a long-range phase-based scanner to ensure optimal speed/scan point density ratio. This captured all major features in the facility that were visible from inside the access opening including pipes, supports, equipment, valves, and structural features.

The laser scanner method provided the client with more data in a shorter amount of time while using less manpower than ever before.