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CE News: Dynamic Marriage of Survey Technologies

Dynamic Marriage of Survey Technologies

Caltrans wanted to increase safety by widening the road through Niles Canyon. The Department of Fish and Game was concerned the road widening would interfere with their plans to re-introduce fish into the creek. Caltrans’ District 4 retained Psomas to provide the data needed to study the project’s impacts on the riverbed.

This project represents a dynamic marriage of surveying technologies that produced a wealth of data. Due to unique site conditions (including the significant challenge that the creek was inaccessible by boat), surveying Niles Canyon required the merging of laser scanning technology with hydrographic and topographic technologies. This multiple-technology approach provided the ability to view the site from any angle in a 3-D environment. In addition, there will be minimal need to return to the site for additional data.

The wealth of survey data produced will be used by Caltrans to address design issues and Department of Fish and Game concerns, in addition to being a valuable public outreach tool to address the concerns of the public.