Environmental Consulting

Newport Banning Ranch | Newport Beach, CA

City of Newport Beach


CEQA Documentation (EIR)
Air Quality Technical Report
Biological Resources Surveys
Jurisdictional Delineation
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Technical Report
Noise Technical Report
Archaeological and Paleontological Technical Reports
Agency Coordination and Public Scoping

Controversial Coastal Development

BonTerra Psomas prepared the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and several of the technical studies for this multi-disciplinary, highly controversial project. The project would allow for the development of 1,375 single-family and multi-family residential dwelling units; 75,000 SF of commercial uses; a 75 room resort hotel; active and passive public parks and trails; and new roadways. Located in the California Coastal Zone, the project site is an active oilfield with surface and subsurface oil production facilities located throughout the 401-acre site. The project includes the abandonment and reabandonment of oil production facilities; site remediation; consolidation of existing surface oil production facilities; land development; habitat restoration; and the retention of more than half the property for natural resource protection open space.

Discretionary actions by the City of Newport Beach included certification of the Final EIR and approval of project development as well as approval of a General Plan Circulation Element Amendment, a zone change, a Planned Community Development Plan, a Development Agreement, and a Tract Map. Although the project and Final EIR were litigated, the adequacy of the Final EIR was upheld.

To support the EIR, BonTerra Psomas prepared technical reports for air quality, biological resources, jurisdictional resources, cultural resources (archaeology, paleontology, and historic resources), greenhouse gas emissions, and noise. In addition, the biological resources group completed focused surveys for least Bell’s vireo, southwestern willow flycatcher, coastal California gnatcatcher, western burrowing owl, and special status plant species.