Los Angeles Sidewalk Repair Program (SRP) | Los Angeles, CA



Geodatabase Design
GIS Mapping
Quality Control

Laying the Foundation for the Safe Sidewalks Program using GIS

With over 11,000 miles of streets, the City of Los Angeles has an almost unfathomable quantity of sidewalks, curbs, ADA ramps, and street trees in various physical configurations. The City is embarking on a comprehensive Safe Sidewalk Program to enhance the inspection, repair, and replacement of sidewalks. This GIS program will enable the City to establish priorities and execute management practices to address safety and accessibility.

One of the initial steps was to inventory the sidewalk-related assets so they could be quantified, evaluated, and managed. Psomas, working with Lynx Technologies, implemented this massive mapping project to capture every curb, sidewalk, driveway, parkway, ADA ramp, and street tree within the City’s public right of way.

Over 3.2 million sidewalk-related GIS features were mapped. During the process, detailed mapping specifications were developed and evolved as special case situations were identified. Rigorous quality control processes used automation and statistical processes to verify and document that the GIS deliverables exceeded the project mapping accuracy standard of 98%.