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Kearns Skate Park & Oquirrh Park Improvements | Salt Lake County, UT

Salt Lake County


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Improving on the Old and Implementing the New

The Psomas team developed a master plan for the 64-acre Oquirrh Park, home to the Utah Olympic Oval at the 2002 Winter Olympics. The site includes four soccer fields, a playground, picnic/pavilion area, restrooms, parking, and spectator areas.

Additionally, Psomas contracted with SITE Design Group to provide a 40,000 SF skate park on the property. The long-awaited skate park has BMX features, including a street plaza with gaps, multiple-height benches, transitions, stairs, handrails, ledges, step-ups, and hips. Two famous skate features have been replicated: the “Pier 7 Block” from San Francisco and the “Macba Gap,” a site in Barcelona, Spain.