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Santa Fe Irrigation District Pressure Reducing Stations and Valve Replacements | San Diego, CA

Santa Fe Irrigation District


Civil Engineering


APWA – Honor Award

Improving Operation, Maintenance and Safety

This project not only replaced aging infrastructure, it also improved system operation, maintenance and safety for the Santa Fe Irrigation District.

It consisted of replacing 10 existing pressure reducing stations (PRS) and the addition and/or replacement of 200 shutoff valves (up to 36-inch diameter) and 30 combination air/vacuum valves. The existing PRSs were 40-50 years old, located inside the roadway limits, and difficult and dangerous to maintain.

Construction sequencing was the biggest challenge. A project this size meant the majority of the District’s service area would be impacted. Psomas spent considerable time coordinating with District staff to prepare sequencing plans which allowed the contractor to replace valves with minimal shutdown time.