Construction Management

Galt Tertiary Wastewater Treatment Plant | Galt, CA

City of Galt


Construction Management

Modifying Treatment Plant to Meet RWQCB Discharge Requirements

The City of Galt had to modify their wastewater treatment plant to meet Regional Water Quality Control Board requirements for year-round discharge. To eliminate the use of chlorination for disinfection, this project added a third stage of tertiary treatment to the existing treatment plant process.

Psomas provided construction management and inspection for modifications of the existing facility. The project included constructing tertiary filtration, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, and biosolids facilities, along with associated site improvements. The main components of the project were constructed north of the existing oxidation ditches, although some connections to the existing facility were also required.

Project features include:

  • Filter feed (three pumps) and utility water (five pumps) pump station
  • Filter facility
  • UV disinfection facility
  • Tertiary plant drain pump station incorporating two submersible pumps
  • New 5,000 SF operations and electrical building
  • 800-foot deep domestic well
  • Sludge feed pump station
  • Biosolids polymer facility for sludge dewatering
  • Filtrate pump station incorporating submersible pumps
  • Site work improvements including new asphalt paving and pavement resurfacing
  • Appurtenant work