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Fullerton Transportation Center Specific Plan | Fullerton, CA

City of Fullerton


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EIR for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Fullerton

The Fullerton Transportation Center (FTC) Specific Plan was prepared to create a sustainable, transit-oriented neighborhood. Through redevelopment near the City’s Central Business District, the FTC Specific Plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developing employment opportunities and affordable housing near public transit. A large portion of the existing uses within the 39-acre site will be demolished, replaced by a mixture of residential, retail, office, hotel, and park uses.

BonTerra Psomas prepared the FTC Specific Plan environmental impact report (EIR), which analyzed two development scenarios: high office/low residential and high residential/low office. Key environmental issues addressed in the EIR include land use compatibility, traffic/parking, historical resources, greenhouse gas emissions, noise, air quality, water supply, and hazardous materials.