Enterprise GIS Implementation, El Dorado Irrigation District | El Dorado County, CA

El Dorado Irrigation District


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5-Year-Horizon GIS Implementation Plan

For over a decade the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) had been using GIS technology to organize and manage infrastructure information. However progress towards building GIS databases integrated with key systems, such as CMMS and CIS (Infor Hansen), document management (DocLocator), SCADA, and hydraulic modeling (InfoWater), had advanced only incrementally. The existing GIS Strategic Plan consisted primarily of high-level concepts and initiatives, lacking the detail necessary to develop actionable projects. The result was an under-utilized GIS with greatly limited scope.

Psomas was selected to develop a 5-year-horizon GIS Implementation Plan. The project reviewed all EID geospatial activities, challenging even basic assumptions about the current GIS program, including:

  • Development priorities
  • GIS technology platform
  • Local versus cloud-based deployment
  • System architecture, including mobile technology
  • Web development platform
  • Staffing levels and organization

Psomas staff conducted on-site needs assessment meetings with various teams from Engineering, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Fleet, Customer Services, and Finance. The Plan featured a detailed “Development Projects” chapter that presented six phased GIS development projects. Psomas is currently working with EID to advance their enterprise GIS.