Enterprise GIS and Asset Management Strategic Plan | Santa Ana, CA

City of Santa Ana


Needs Assessment
System Requirements
Strategic Planning

City-wide GIS and Asset Management Program Planning

The City of Santa Ana is a long-time user of GIS technology with an emphasis in using GIS for managing public works assets. However, the existing technology, segregated workflows, and organizational needs were limiting what the GIS program could become at the City.

Psomas performed a combined GIS and Asset Management needs assessment and enterprise planning study that engaged staff throughout the City and across nearly all departments. The information was compiled into a foundational needs assessment report that highlighted areas of improvement for greatest impact at the City.

Working closely with staff, Psomas conducted as-is and to-be workflow mapping workshops that defined how new processes and technology can be applied to streamline and improve internal work processes. The workflows will be used to guide process re-engineering.

Based on the City’s prioritized needs, Psomas developed a GIS and Asset Management Strategic Plan. The plan defined a portfolio of implementation projects that would incrementally advance the City towards their prioritized goals. Executive presentations of the plan developed program support for the multi-year implementation phase that followed.