Countywide GIS Planning and Implementation | County of Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara County


Enterprise GIS Needs Assessment
Regional GIS Strategic Planning
Interagency Cooperative Relationship Development
Parcel and Street Centerline Development
Intranet Web Viewing Application
Fire Response Map Improvement
Grant Application Writing
Orthophoto Collection Process Management
Habitat Conservation Program GIS Support
Regional Mass Notification Vendor Selection Evaluation

Modernizing a Legacy GIS Program

Santa Clara County was an early adopter of GIS. Psomas provided broad program support to revitalize their GIS to serve as a regional data clearinghouse and enterprise GIS solution. The GIS program supports diverse applications across County departments and within cities and regional agencies.

Psomas performed requirements analysis with all 30 County departments and 27 regional agencies, cities, and water companies within the County area. The resulting requirements shaped the GIS strategic plan that secured County Board of Supervisor and partnership funding of a regional GIS program enhancement effort.

Psomas provided technical support and senior consulting services to develop and implement enhanced GIS databases and establish policies and programs broadening the countywide GIS.