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Coachella Valley Water District Headworks | Indio and Thermal, California

Coachella Valley Water District


Construction Management
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New Headworks at Two Water Reclamation Plants

Psomas was retained by Coachella Valley Water District to provide construction management services for headworks projects at both Water Reclamation Plant 4 and Water Reclamation Plant 7. The Headworks Projects, at both locations, included:

  • Underground piping modifications
  • Influent headworks facility with two influent fine screens, screening conveyor, screening compactors, and screening storage and disposal facility
  • Influent pump station complete with three variable-speed raw sewage pumps
  • New grit removal facility building which houses a grit removal system and bypass, grit pumping system, grit cyclone and grit classifier, and grit storage and disposal facility
  • New bio-tower facility for the removal of odors
  • Associated site improvements at both locations

Additionally, the Water Reclamation Plant 7 project includes street widening of portions of Avenue 38 and Madison Street, with street frontage improvements including new landscaping, sidewalks and block walls for visual screening.