Enterprise Asset Management Program | Fontana, CA

City of Fontana


GIS Integration with Asset Management
Asset Management Inventory and Condition Assessment
Asset Condition Evaluation and Prioritization


Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Exemplary Systems in Government

Asset Management Optimization

The City of Fontana Public Works Department is using a GIS-based asset management system to improve efficiency and effectiveness in managing their public works infrastructure. The data-driven approach facilitates prioritization of rehabilitation and maintenance activities to maximize infrastructure life, reduce operational risks, and maximize the effectiveness of infrastructure budgets.

Psomas initially provided GIS design and implementation services for a geospatial integrated sewer management system. The sewer Geodatabase and as-built drawing system was designed and implemented to address mapping and asset inventory needs.

With this in place, the City began an automation transformation that changed workflows and integrated other systems such as LuCity CMMS, hydraulic modeling, and document management. An Esri-based web application was developed to integrate information from these systems and is defining sewer rehabilitation planning processes. The City deployed the web mapping system to the field workforce, resulting in a measureable increase in operational efficiency.

Psomas is assisting in management practices for conduction asset condition assessment and asset work prioritization for wastewater and sidewalk assets. The results of this process is establishment of systematic asset condition review and development of maintenance and capital project priorities.