Water Engineering

Circle Way Storm Drain Improvements | Laguna Beach, CA

City of Laguna Beach


Civil Engineering


ACEC - Engineering Excellence Awards, Award of Excellence

Mitigate Flooding Adjacent to the Beach

The City of Laguna Beach needed to mitigate flooding experienced by residents on Circle Way. Psomas was retained to design the storm drain replacement, outfall structure, stairway upgrade, erosion control measures, and revegetation within a narrow right-of-way corridor below Circle Way.

The existing undersized 18-inch storm drain is being replaced with a 60-inch storm drain and a CDS stormwater-treatment unit. The access stairway to Crescent Bay Beach and surrounding hillside are being reconstructed to prevent further erosion by runoff and wave motion. A unique outlet structure was designed to meet both aesthetics and function as a flap gate.

The project also involved submittals and processing through the Coastal Commission for approval of the outlet structure and stairway access onto the beach. Unique aspects of the project include faux rockscape, marine friendly construction materials, and foundation supports in a high water table area.