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Chollas Creek Bike Trail | San Diego, CA

City of San Diego


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Active Transportation Corridor Provides Link to Community

The last leg of an active transportation corridor, the new Chollas Creek Bike Trail will link communities in south San Diego to larger transportation modes. Funded by California’s Active Transportation Program through grants that promote connectivity between communities for bicycles and pedestrians, the project will improve air quality and aims to improve water quality and restore blighted sections of Chollas Creek.

The study provided by Psomas included preliminary traffic and environmental analyses for the trail. Constraints included right-of-way limitations, vertical clearances, creek flows, sensitive habitats and species, railroad track crossings, on-street parking, and way-finding.

Due to the complexity of the area several treatments were considered, including:

  • Cantilevered bike paths
  • Bridge under crossings
  • Two-way cycle track
  • On-street painted bike lanes
  • Separate bike paths
  • Signalized bike crossings