Construction Management

Bikestation Long Beach | Long Beach, California

Long Beach Redevelopment Agency


Construction Management
Inspection Services

Promoting Alternative Transportation Choices

The first facility of its kind in the U.S., Bikestation Long Beach offers indoor bicycle parking and is strategically located next to the Long Beach Transit Mall station. The concept promotes alternative transportation choices by using bike parking and other services to help people connect to transit and downtown areas.

The 2,000 SF steel and glass Bikestation features a bicycle maintenance/repair shop, restroom, and shower facilities on the first floor, and a 24 hour, self-service lockable bike storage facility on the mezzanine level. This facility serves approximately 4,000 customers and accommodates 700 bicycles per month.

Psomas provided construction management and inspection services in accordance with approved plans, specifications, quality standards and schedule as well as agency coordination, preparation of change orders, review of contractor submittals, scheduling, and material testing.