Asset Management Requirements and Plan | Jurupa Valley, CA

Jurupa Community Services District


Needs Assessment
System Requirements
Business Plan
RFP Development

Enhancing Asset Management for Water, Sewer, and Parks Infrastructure

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) focuses on the efficient management of physical assets throughout their lifecycle to address optimal performance according to agency-defined strategies and objectives. The Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), who manages water, sewer, and park assets, wanted to enhance their EAM processes by applying a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) integrated with Geographic Information System mapping.

Over the years, JCSD had implemented multiple systems for tracking and managing their assets. Their mix of technologies and methods made it a difficult to manage process for planning, tracking, and analyzing how assets were managed. This challenge was amplified when evaluating all asset classes together for a unified asset management program.

Psomas conducted a detailed needs assessment study to identify and document the state of the asset inventory and records, existing work processes, and information systems. This information provided a foundation for prioritization of asset management process needs and was documented in a systems requirement report. Psomas assisted the District with the development and issuance of an RFP for the selection of CMMS software and its implementation.