ArcGIS Online Implementation | Williams, CA

City of Williams


Needs Assessment
Data Review and Enhancement
Geodatabase Design
Map Sets For Online Sharing
Regional Data Coordination

Increasing Information Access with ArcGIS Online

The City of Williams needed to provide online access to planning maps and infrastructure information for public and City staff use. Bearing in mind the City’s limited budget and lack of IT infrastructure for self-hosting, Psomas suggested ArcGIS Online to enhance information access.

Psomas reviewed Citywide needs and current use of GIS. This resulted in defined objectives for data enhancement, map production, and online information sharing. Esri local government information model was utilized as a framework for transforming and updating existing data into a standardized form. Parcel information was obtained from the county and integrated into the City’s GIS.

Various online maps and hardcopy maps were designed and implemented including zoning, circulation, general plan, water, sewer, and streets. The utility databases were designed for asset management processes. Training and documentation was provided to the City to enable ongoing data updating and publishing.