Surveying & Mapping

Alameda Corridor | Los Angeles County, California


Alameda Corridor Transp. Authority



20-mile Rail Cargo Expressway

The adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two busiest seaports in the nation, handling more than $200 billion in cargo per year. The volume of cargo containers handled by the ports continues to increase and is projected to reach more than 24 million containers by 2020. The Alameda Corridor was designed to handle this increase and improve the efficiency of cargo transportation. This 20-mile-long rail cargo expressway linking the ports to the transcontinental rail network near downtown Los Angeles, will deliver significant economic benefits to the nation, state and region.

The Corridor parallels Alameda Street and is notable for its “Mid-Corridor Trench”, a below-ground, triple-tracked rail line that is 10 miles long and 33 feet deep. Selected as prime surveyor, Psomas provided all surveying services and engineering support and automated the entire project by integrating Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and digital mapping.

Several challenges faced the project team, including retracing boundaries of the old railway easement and over 400 individual adjoining parcels, resolving conflicting legal descriptions with existing cadastral evidence, and plotting old easements.