Our Values: The Key Component of Our 70 Years of Success


Our values help us attract the best talent, win the best assignments and provide the best solutions to our clients. Here are a few of our guiding values.about_values_1

“We believe in using our talents to better the environment and humankind.” From sustainable solutions to our volunteer efforts, sharing our professional expertise as well as simple sweat equity pays us back in priceless dividends.

“We believe in employee ownership and participatory management.” Our employees own Psomas – we’re an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company. We believe that people should feel connected and understand how what they do everyday adds value to the company. Our management style is very open and suggestions are always welcomed.

“We believe client satisfaction is the best measure of our success.” There are many ways to measure success – but the best measure, the one that guides us—is the satisfaction of our clients.

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